Twentieth Century Colour Photographs

The Complete Guide to Processes, Identification & Preservation





Aus der englischen Beschreibung:

In providing an accessible overview of the history and technology of the major traditional colour photographic processes, this abundantly illustrated volume promises to become the standard reference in its field. Following an introductory chapter on colour photography in the 19th century, seven chapters discuss the most commercially or historically significant processes of the 20th century, offering readers a user-friendly guide to materials, methods of identification and common kinds of deterioration.

A final chapter presents specific guidelines for collection management, storage and preservation, and a glossary of technical terms, along with the appendixes presenting detailed chronologies for Kodachrome and Ektachrome transparencies, Cibachrome/Ilfochrome printing materials and Instant Films.


Colour Photography in the Nineteenth Century

Additive Color Screen Process

Pigment Processes

Dye Imbibition Processes

Dye Coupling Processes

Dye Destruction Processes

Dye Diffusion Processes

Dye, Mordanting and Silver Toning Processes

Preservation and Collection Management



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