Brian McBride, Berlin, Germany


Raised by Artists. 

Born 1964 in Munich, Bavaria 

Between 1990 and now Brian has worked as a store- and sales manager, restaurant owner, various positions in the high-end Hotel Marketing, joined sales forces in retail and organic farming and held various positions in the food industry. 

Brian's firm conviction, however, is that of an artist. Raised by artists in a house full of photography, paintings, sculpture and the family inclined to the art world over four generations, gave Brian a different outlook in life early on. 

Eventually, he picked up a camera and let his eyes wander. Brian is a storyteller and at the same time has a deep-rooted wish to divert people's intentions toward their own inner freedom and growth. He uses this in connection with the poetry of nature. 

Until 2005 various careers in the Hospitality and Retail business 

Travels and longer stays in Munich, Dresden, Berlin, New York, Washington, Houston, and San Francisco
2009 - Refreshing his craft in Photography at Imago-Fotokunst in Berlin
2010 - collective exhibition: Berlin
2013 -
2014 - ongoing: promotion and sales of own art
2017 - contract work in St. Helena, California
2018 - solo exhibition Munich, Germany




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