Brian McBride


"Exploring the idea of freedom"


Brian McBride was born 1964 in Munich. He spends his childhood in Bavaria, in a small village above Lake Ammersee. Here he experiences the freedom that anchors deep in his consciousness. The theme of his oeuvre. At 17, he leaves the parental home and begins a career that is characterized by conformity. Over the years, he looses the connection to his true self; only a short trip in his mid thirties to Bavaria opens the door to forgotten roots. He is struck by the landscapes freedom of a childhood past, which is filled with the same energy, triggering the urge to never let go of this freedom. At 39, always accompanied by his camera, he continues exploring the idea of freedom. Countless pictures taken, to display the conflict of human and nature. Since 1995, Berlin has become Brian’s hub, from where he journeys out into the world.




Bilder von Brian McBride bei Edition Argentum:

Human Nature
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